1 Year Old Kason (Clear Lake, WI)

Ever since I laid eyes on this boy I knew I wanted to photograph him!  I think it is obvious as to why.  The part that held me back was he lives in Colorado so I had to patiently wait for him to visit the area with his mom.  Tricia got a hold of me a couple of weeks before the 4th of July and let me know she would be in town.  So we met on the Sunday evening before the 4th, which happened to be one of their last days.  Kason made me work hard for those smiles.  I actually like a little bit of a challenge.  I am a patient person and Tricia did a nice job not stressing about it.  We have pictures of both those smiles and some of the tears.  That is what makes it a memorable session!  It was a gorgeous night with the sun, the warm weather, and this boy!  Thank you Tricia for sharing him with us!

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