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February 26, 2014

Will Turns 2 (New Richmond, Wi)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Will!  You are so special and extremely loved.  And, I would have to say, exceedingly expressive!

What I see when I look at Will’s gallery is something I know his parents see.  We see unique qualities like flexibility and eyes that smile along with the rest of his whole body.  And what we feel is not only love for a blessing of a boy but pride for all he has accomplished in his 2 short years, including what he has taught us.  Do you notice he is signing “moose”, ‘reading’ a book, and standing?  These are accomplishments which are held near and dear to his loved ones’ hearts. There is something about the way Will has grabbed hold of people’s souls.  Maybe it is the amount of ham he delivers?!  He is so full of personality.

Will, you are amazing and I am so grateful for you.  Thank you Bill and Teresa for sharing him!  He is a nice excuse for us to build our friendship as well.  Another one of those blessings 🙂


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