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November 23, 2013

Chaves Vow Renewal (Amery, Wi)

Chad and Shelley have a wonderful tradition of renewing their wedding vows every 5 years.  They were married 10 years ago on Halloween in Vegas and planned to return there for the renewals.  However, with 3 young girls and the desire to be with them on Halloween, they decided to renew their vows in their back yard this time.  Their new back yard!

The Chaves family is new to Amery and we couldn’t be any luckier to have them.  They are so warm and welcoming and great parents to Olivia, Estella, and Charlotte.  The girls are adorable, aren’t they?!  I loved the girls’ bouquets of bright pink on a cloudy and cool evening.  It was so beautiful.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer and sharing this special moment with me Shelley and Chad.  I will cherish the memories right along with you.

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