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April 30, 2015

Byrnes Family, Amery WI

Last fall, on one of our first chilly days, I had the privilege of warming up with a family that felt like my own.  Seven children, like what I grew up with, and a fun and loving set of parents 🙂  I enjoyed getting to know Brian, Laurie, and their children so much!  They live on the beautiful North Twin lake in Amery and it is alway so fun to capture families right at their own home.  I often hear from clients, “It is not big enough or clean enough”, but my job is to take and make it look like artwork while preserving your memories.  My goal is to mix both of my own vision along with my subject’s.  Take for example the photo on the dock with the girl’s hair sticking all around.  I love that photo!  It stands out in my mind.  It is real life and captures our interest.  Really, this whole family captured my interest – I think you can see why!  🙂  We had fun and I loved getting to know the whole crew just a bit more and hope to continue working with them as they grow!

Laurie and Brian, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You are very blessed!

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