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February 18, 2013

About Ilisa

Hello!  First of all, thank you for your interest in Ilisa Ailts Photography!  It means the world to me to have you here in my home and an important part of my life.  Photography is a passion of mine, as are other things, in particular, my husband Joe and our 3 boys: Calvin, Nolan, and Evan.  Calvin is our youngest and has Down syndrome. His disability was a significant piece of the puzzle that has led me to becoming a photographer.  I have always loved photos.  I love stories and people as well.  So putting those 3 together equals THIS!

Because of my personal experiences raising a child with Down syndrome, I have a desire to photograph people with disabilities.  I have a variety of personal and professional experience interacting with individuals with disabilities.  Along with this, I began photographing as a volunteer for the national organization Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.  We offer bereavement photography to families going through the loss of a child.  I have been immensely blessed in this journey.  I want to give a shout out to all of my clients who indirectly make this possible.  Because you support my photography business, you also support my ability to give these invaluable photos to families in the Twin Cities area as well as the area in Western Wisconsin which I reside.  I am also becoming a coordinator in our area, to help be sure families wanting our services get them.  With this, we are always needing good photographers to join our team.  I have found it to be a very supportive group and allows me to step out of my bubble, gain perspective, and hold life a little more closely.  I find this pours into my career because I also experience losses of clients whose families are so grateful to have those photos.  Photos are sometimes all we have of someone we held near and dear to our hearts.

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UW-River Falls and a graduate degree in School Counseling from UW-Stout.  3 years ago I resigned from a school career to be home with my boys and build my photography business.  Since then I have also accepted a very part-time position with a medical clinic providing social work to patients. I am happy to have gained new experiences and met so many new people through my careers.

I am a member of the New Richmond Area Chamber and Professional Women’s Network.  I thoroughly enjoy being an active member of the community!  I volunteer as much as I can for the benefit of our community 🙂

I am passionate about people and our emotions and love interacting with others.  I also enjoy a great movie or tv series, an addicting book, a great workout, and excellent food.  I live a low-carb/high-fat lifestyle and am a born-again weight-lifter.  I also believe in the word of the Bible and work hard to learn more of God’s word and live a Christ-like life.  It is very challenging, I am only human.  However, I am a goal setter and always striving to improve my character and actions.  You will find I value every person I meet and each session I conduct, photographing it to its fullest potential!

I’d love to answer any inquiries and questions.  As you can see, I have experience photographing a wide variety of people and events.  Do not hesitate to contact me: or 715-220-7412

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